Ivan Toth Depeña is an artist who was born and raised in Miami, FL. Depeña is currently living and working in Charlotte, NC where he is an affiliate resident artist at the McColl Center for Arts and Innovation. 

With a Masters Degree in Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Depeña’s production as an artist is informed by his experience in art, architecture, technology and design. His process combines traditional, hands on methodology layered with high tech output and fabrication. Depeña's studio output exemplifies the harmonic moment when various creative disciplines come together seamlessly.

Depeña’s work has been exhibited at public and private venues nationally and internationally, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Frost Museum, New Britain Museum of American Art, and the Miami Art Museum (now know as PAMM). His work is included in numerous public and private collections. Recently completed large-scale public commissions are located in Denver, Colorado; Miami, Florida; Albuquerque, New Mexico and Gainesville, Florida. He is currently working on several public and private commissions, as well as, the preparation for upcoming museum and gallery exhibitions.

For more information please go to: www.ivandepena.com

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