Lapse consists of six interwoven components: The Visions & The Collective, a series of publically accessible murals; The Sounds, a GPS-based audio soundscape discoverable on Miami’s downtown MetroMover; The Writings, a virtual prose experience in Museum Park; The Sculpture, an augmented experience triggered by a public sculpture; and The Moment, a site-specific exhibition at Locust Projects’ space in the Miami Design District. Lapse is the newest chapter of the artist’s ongoing series The Fallen Sky Chronicles. This series has been developing for several years in tandem with personal writings about a character who becomes infected by a technological glitch, restructuring the physical world and morphing consciousness with images and data found on the web. The projects in the series employ chance as a structural element and consist of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and video/new media installations.

Through groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) technology, Lapse responds to triggers and activates virtual and auditory experiences with a mobile device’s camera lens and sound output. The augmented reality technology overlays visual and audio creations over site-specific Miami locations.

Dissolving the boundaries of physical reality and an alternative, virtual world, Lapse envisions a disruption of real world time and space. It imagines our brains being fused with technology, revealing an augmented consciousness imbued with images and data. In this way, Lapse creates a space to both revere and meditate on our increasingly technologically entwined lives.

This project is made possible by Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places, The John. S and James L. Knight Foundation, and Locust Projects.

You will need to download the Lapse App to begin your journey. Important! The virtual experience will only activate once you are physically at the exact location of a trigger image, or are within a very close GPS distance of an experience, or both.